BTS JIN wrote a letter “I’m happy for army to enjoy my birthday”….

Bangtan Boys group of [a reporter of Sports Seoul igeeun] left a handwritten note of the members of the birthday

4 Jean Bangtan Boys disclosed a letter written directly by the official Twitter.

In a letter, is ” Today is my birthday.I am happy that my birthday but due to my birthday, our army in Twitter, or in cafes and you’re glad you to amuse yourself and enjoy something together. This is more good, it said.Jin’s birthday is December 4, was born in 1992, million the 26th birthday today

Jean is ” A few days ago our target, Popularity Award, as well.Popularity Award received a target too happy, but Amy you try me, I was so good. ” last on May 1, MelOn Music Awards (mma) what was it like to seven triple crown. Said.”something every year prepare and enjoy but you are ready and it’s sad a lot this year.”, and it’s harder ” Over the next again, and so always played well for good content. I will try to show you.I love you, ” he added.

In addition, Bangtan Boys members are taken daily posting pictures of it attracted attention.Jean was charismatic on stage and in the picture, reports a modest charm.Casual styling, a wonderful appearance drew attention by showing off.

Bangtan Boys recently, meanwhile, MelOn Music Awards this year from Artist, Album of the Year awards, accolades such as Global Artist, the winning seven gold medals.The ‘Idol) (idol’ show on the day is Korean traditional music and colorful, with more than ever before by combining a deep impression.Bangtan Boys will meet fans through the end of the year awards.

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