Asia and Europe pop song contest(2018) Collection

Asia Europe Pop Song Competition
Participating in 83 Countries

A few months ago, the 2018 Asia-Europe Pop Song contest was held. Popular idol group singers performed in 83 countries in Japan, Korea, and Europe.

From BTS, which has been gaining popularity in foreign countries these days, it has performed splendid and various performances.

I’ve gathered some popular pop group contests in 83 countries.

Let’s take a look at the pictures and images below.

I’ll take a look at the Asian Pop Song. Japan – YMCA performance is on the tournament. It came out with a simple and clear rhythm.

In kpop, ‘TWICE performed the show. It is a fun and exciting dance song (TWICE – What is Love).

In addition, we performed wonderful performances in European countries such as France and Germany. Please watch various performances of 83 countries below.

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