Top 10 Richest Idols in All of KPOP, The Ranking to earn money

Top 10 Richest Idols in All of KPOP

Korean Entertainment can have many idol groups and singers in their company. Today’s news is Top 10 Richest Idols in All of KPOP

JYP, SM, and YG are the representative companies in the Korean idol group. Most Korean idol groups belong to this agency.

SM Entertainment – EXO

It’s a group that made a huge amount of money in a short period of time. It made more than $ 10 billion in a year. It’s a member of 8 people, earning $ 13 million in concerts, albums and advertising.


2PM made its debut in 2008 and earned $ 27.3 million in a year. It has been very popular in Korea and has performed around the globe.

SM Entertainment – Super Junior

Currently, it is the biggest company in Korea. I have many idol groups. Super Schneer has contributed to earning a lot of profits by performing overseas performances in various countries.

YG Entertainment – BigBang

The Big Bang group is the most popular. Before the BTS idol group came out, it became very popular. The album sales in 2015 earned 40 trillion won

BigHit Entertainment – BTS

BTS is a very popular male idol group all over the world. It made its debut in 2013. In the old days, the group’s affiliated companies have made a lot of debts, but they earned big profits as BTS became popular.

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